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I have not been building Rick-Tone amps on a regular basis since 1992. However, I will still occasionally build a custom amp for someone when the circumstances are right.

New Rick-Tone custom amps are generally based on the push-pull circuit design of the Type 11 ''Heartbreaker'' amplifier, including its lower-power derivatives like the Type 16, 20, 22 and so on. This basic design can be built in a variety of configurations from 5 Watts to over 100 Watts. The gain and response characteristics can be tailored to suit individual playing styles from old school blues to classic hard rock to heavy alternative styles. Most of the overdrive sound is generated in the amp's phase splitter and output sections, rather than in the preamp section, so the overdrive sound is very rich and textured. However, as nice as it sounds, it's not a super-high-gain circuit design, so it may not be well suited to heavy modern metal playing styles. You can listen to the sound clips on the Type 11, Type 16 and Type 22 pages to get some ideas of how these amps sound.

I also build sound-alikes of popular vintage amplifiers such as the Fender 5F1 and 5E3, Marshall JTM-45, and so on.

The costs and build times for hand-crafted amplifiers will vary depending on how and what you want built. Build times are generally 90 days or less and pricing starts at $1295 for a 5-Watt head.

If you're interested in having a Rick-Tone amplifier built for you, please feel free to contact me, and let me know what kind of amp you're looking for.

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